All I have left of Mother 3 is this box

and the stuff inside.
I used to own Mother 3, yep I did. I also used to own Earthbound, but that was of course given to good will when my brother went to college. After all who needs cherished collections of things when you go off to school right? Of course my brother was much more upset than I was (I could have stopped her, but I was only 10 at the time and powerless), considering he lost a lot of games. a lot.

But Mother 3 was lost due do my own incompetence

A long time ago, I trusted my friends to watch over my things while I went to the bathroom- as I always did. In 2010, I learned a hard lesson. For when I returned, my pouch full of games was gone! I of course asked everyone if they saw what had happened but all it did was make a few people think I was interrogating them. Of course maybe I’m misremembering this event and didn’t even have my pouch that day - it was 2 years ago.

Maybe I still have the cart somewhere, but chances are it was taken as I searched the void of my room a hundred times and all I found was this box.
Now a bit of history. This is the deluxe edition. I never bought that edition of Mother 3, nor did I actually ever buy Mother 3 at all: I traded it with a british user for my copy of Contact, which was US only. She had bought two, because in a panic she thought she lost her copy. (Ironic for me). A fair trade! Even though I do not have Mother 3 anymore and she probably still has contact because she takes better care of her belongings or has more trustworthy friends who do not steal from her!

But let’s look at what I have left, the beautiful but sad remenants of Mother 3. I am sorry my photos are awful, you see, camera phone. One day I will invest in a better camera but I just bought a wide scanner so nope

This is the lovely box. Deluxe editions are brown.

Behold! If she had given me a franklin badge, it would be in here! (She did not)

A chart of all the PSI moves in japanese. Cool!

Back of the chart shows the controls.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL. I am not going to show you every page because that’s kind of boring, but I will show a few.
I will say the manual shows mostly a party of Flint only, except when it talks about money. Suspicious.

Welcome to mother 3 world.

You are here!

This is what the manual says are the game’s main characters. How deceptive of you, manual.
I suppose they have to be spoiler free though.

Flint, stop dicking around and go in Alec’s house.

Super Mario club GET

and that is all the physical proof I have of ever having owned Mother 3.
Oh well, I can play it in English on my psp, that’s way way better than the real thing right? Right?

Here though are photos from 2006. behold, proof:

No, game. I lost.

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