i really don’t want to have a “nerdy” wedding but I feel like Because I love you is a really beautiful piece of music that could easily stand on its own and it brings a lot of feelings from my childhood and stuff

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EarthBound | Because I Love You (Performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra)

play this at my wedding please

Ingmar Bergman and Frederico Fellini are my two favorite directors hands down. hands dooown.

we are watching 8 1/2 in our class! It’s one of the best films ever made, no hyperbole.  

Films that deal with the creative process are the best. 

And a side note to anyone who has seen The Wind Rises and 8 1/2: There are some strange paralells aren’t there? Miyazaki once said he admired Fellini and from what I’ve heard he borrows shots in Howl’s Moving Castle (I can see some spots inspired by 8 1/2 in The Wind Rises, mainly the opening where he tip toes on the tops of cars reminds me of Jiro walking on the plane’s wing). 
Both films deal with the role of dreams, the female muse and the harsh environment they have to work in.

but it’s the story of two different men facing the same battle: I want to make something. And both have different struggles. 

Guido has many lovers, Jiro has one star-crossed lover. Both men face heart break as the result of their choices.

Guido is in a fairly pampered environment with a lot of critical people around him. Jiro is in a harsh environment with a lot of supportive people around him. 

In their dreams, Guido is constantly looking back at his childhood. Jiro is always looking ahead into advancements of the future.

Guido never makes his film.
Jiro makes his plane, but at what cost? 

I think it’s neat to compare the two, even though yes, they have nothing to do with each other and were made MANY years apart. It’s like Miyazaki is answering back to some of the questions that Fellini presents.

also there are italians in both, haha



Les Maîtres du temps (The Masters of Time, a.k.a. Time Masters), 1982.

From Amazon:

"Time Masters (Les Maitres du Temps) is a dazzling animated space epic from the director of the cult classic "Fantastic Planet" and the celebrated graphic artist Moebius, best known for his work on Heavy Metal magazine.

Jaffar, a hero for hire, finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime as he races across the galaxy to save a young boy from a menacing evil. Can he stop the heartless Masters of Time from turning back the clock and stealing his home planet?”

Fun fact; Moebius skipped working on Blade Runner to make this movie. He always regretted doing it.

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Who remembers crying all throughout The Land Before Time? I do.

once upon a time a junk man had a dream

I wanna build a space ship and go to the moon
salvage all the junk that’s up there
bring it back
sell it



An Andy Griffith TV show that a) you probably haven’t heard about, and b) has the best opening of all time.

So in the late 70s Andy Griffith starred in a show where he was a junk man with a homemade rocketship and designs to go to the Moon and the salvage the leftover equipment from the Apollo missions.

I don’t even care if the show was any good, just the fact that Andy Griffith: Junkyard Astronaut exists makes me smile so much.

I think this was the plot of Wings of Honneamise

the healthier sounding the food the hungrier it makes me

avacado protein shake? please
tofu dish? please
fresh vegetables? please
hypoallergenic recepies? please
almonds? please
any kind of soup? please
frozen yogurt? please
soy stuff? please
green tea anything? pleeeaaase

I want to eat all the healthy food

if you love me send me healthy food in the mail

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happy 25th, guys

oh no

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Club Nouveau - Lean on Me (Bill Withers Cover)

"Somewhere along the way I feel that I lost something important. But I do not know."

crowning achievements in middle school: Learning how to play “crazy train” on the clarinet

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